Clean Ganga Europe Desk Conference 2018 offers the chance to connect with Indian and European high level stakeholders and actors with a common vision...

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The EIP Water and the India-EU Water Partnership support the Clean Ganga Europe desk


Clean Ganga Europe Desk is supported by VITO and Vlakwa and the Centre of Ganga River Basin Management and Studies.

The  Centre of Ganga River Basin Management and Studies is part of IIT Kanpur and provides crucial information about the needs and local contraints.

IIT Kanpur is the leader of the Consortium of Indian Technology Institutes (IIT) that will provide continual scientific input for the implementation and the dynamic evolution of the Ganga River Basin Management Plan. It invites international experts and organizations in select cases to contribute to the enhancement of the plan and its implementation strategy.

VITO and Vlakwa

For the good functioning of the Clean Ganga Europe Desk VITO and Vlakwa will engage their network of water management experts and knowhow about sanitation infrastructure, drinking water supplies, flood protection measures and the purification of waste water for the outreach of key water developments.